Message From Board
Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Choosing your child's school is not a simple task, when you think you want an ideal environment for your child's up bringing you picture colorful classrooms, dynamic teachers, and a variety of extracurricular activities. Whether you are choosing a school for the first time for your child or your child is making a transition to a new school, you are probably seeking a long term investment that would reflect on your child's mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
     Brilliance International School 'BIS' simplifies your selection process and makes you reach a smart decision by offering a wide array of educational systems that are tailored to fit every preference and committed to promote the principle of "a national school with international standards." While we believe that each child is a unique blend of capabilities, wants, needs and motives our staffers and teachers are strongly committed to reach the kind of environment in which the child will learn best. Through personal assessments, interviews and dynamic interaction with the parents we team up to discover your child's interests and learning style.
     With BIS we promise you academic quality bonded with a tremendous progress in your child's overall development making you witness significant positive changes every day through out your child's school years.

Best Regards,
Board Of Brilliance
     Educational System
BIS provides a variety of educational systems tailored to fit every preference and committed to promote the principle of a national school with international standards

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